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Back Pain & Sciatica

Do you experience?

– Unrelenting back pain or spinal stiffness?

– Problems standing or sitting for longer periods of time?

– Leg or buttock pain?

– Persistent hamstring tightness?

– Muscle tension in your shoulder blades?

– Slouching and poor posture?


Back pain is the most common condition people present to our Chiropractors with at Supercharged Chiropractic.

It is estimated that most of the population will experience low back pain at some point in their lifetime. This easily managed problem can cause excessive impact on our daily activities and doing the things we most enjoy in life.

Back pain can present in the form of stiffness, numbness/tingling or acute sprain/inflammation and sciatica. It is a highly common condition that can typically result from structural misalignment and technical disorders of the spine and associated muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

There are many causes of back pain and at Supercharged Chiropractic, we aim to find the cause of your pain, rather than treat the symptoms.

Many presentations have more than one factor contributing to the pain.

Common causes of pain our Ryde Chiropractors see are:

– Lack of activity

– Physical stress

– Emotional stress

– Chemical stress

– Disc bulge

– Lifting poorly

– Poor posture and stability

– Degenerative changes

Masking symptoms and correcting the cause of back pain:

In order to effectively address back pain, it’s important to ask the right questions, conduct a detailed physical examination and refer for further imaging if necessary. While most back complaints are a result of structural problems or lifestyle patterns, each case is different and needs to be analysed uniquely.

Once we have conducted a thorough examination and ruled out any pathology is involved, we can make a diagnosis on what’s causing your back pain.

Commonly, poor posture is the root cause of spinal pain. When the spinal bones do not work normally and move symmetrically, this can create abnormal stresses in the system and result in pain symptoms. More serious causes of back pain can be degenerative disc disease, hyperkyphosis, scoliosis or vertebrae fractures just to name a few.

Here at Supercharged Chiropractic, we aim to manage your presenting condition by addressing the root cause of the stress. We will then implement an appropriate and effective Chiropractic care plan to restore your function and quality of life.

How does chiropractic help with back pain?

At Supercharged Chiropractic we use a range of techniques to suit each individual case. Age, presenting condition, personal preference and effectiveness are all considered when deciding on a treatment plan.

We have a holistic view of the body and therefore understand that if the body is not working effectively as one unit it can create stress and abnormal patterns within the spine. When this happens over a significant amount of time, back pain is often a result.

Correcting your movement in gravity and restoring movement to spinal joints from top to bottom, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves can function optimally. Removing this dysfunction also allows the body to heal naturally and can increase the stimulation of your brain and nervous system.

The nervous system:

The nervous system is the master controller of every function in our body. It’s our communication pathway between our body and brain.

It helps to regulate and control every action in our body, and it’s extremely important that our nervous system is working at its optimum if we want to function well and live a healthy life.

As our structural system (mostly skull and spine) encloses and protects our nervous system, it can have a direct influence on how well our brain, spinal cord and its peripheral nerves are functioning.

If the alignment of the bones in our structural system, especially our spine start to lose their ideal shape or become dysfunctional it can impact the nervous system adversely.

By improving spinal alignment and posture, pressure and tension can come off your nervous system. In turn, this helps your body to function and feel its best while reducing the likelihood of encountering injuries and greater problems in the future.


At Supercharged Chiropractic our goal is to increase an individual’s function and help prevent injuries from returning. Ultimately, we want to make your body work well so you can enjoy life uninhibited by pain and dysfunction. The spine and nervous system is affected by physical, chemical and emotional stressors. We do our best effort to remove these stressors and increase the bodies resilience. Prevention is always better than cure.

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