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Back Pain Treatment
Back Pain and Sciatica

Lower back pain is the main reason why people see a chiropractor. The majority of Australians have had back pain at least once in their lifetime. You may experience it as a simple niggle that you feel after sitting down for long, sharp pain when bending forward, pain down the legs “Sciatica” or pain after standing for long. These conditions will lead to poor sleep quality which has been linked chronic pain, stress, and general fatigue. If left untreated, your injury may result in chronic pain. Your chiropractor is able to diagnose the cause of your pain via taking a detailed history, conducting a thorough physical exam and then referring you to get medical imaging if needed. Once the diagnosis is reached, a care plan can be tailored to correct the issue and get you your life back.

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Posture Correction

Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. Posture is considered to be the “Window to the Spine”. Poor posture is linked to many aches, pains, and injuries. A recent study has linked poor posture to a decline in cognitive abilities when ageing. A complete postural assessment can be done so that a plan can be designed by your chiropractor to correct your posture.


Arthritis is a common cause of pain in different age groups. It is a common case of “wear and tear” due to the affected parts of the body being under more load than usual. Although the condition is not reversible, chiropractic care helps with reducing pain, increase function and slowing the degeneration process down by reducing the load on the affected area.

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Nerve Entrapment

Nerve pain happens when a structure is pressing on the nerve and symptoms with appear in the area supplied by that nerve. It can present as sharp, stabbing burning pain, numbness, pins and needles or weakness. Your chiropractor can identify which nerve is pinched via taking a history, clinical tests and referral for medical imaging if needed. Once the diagnosis is reached, chiropractic techniques can be used to free up the pinched nerve.

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Shoulder & Neck Pain

Over half of the Australian population experience or have experienced neck pain at some point in their life, it can present in various ways. From a dull ache to a sharp stabbing pain that limits your movements, it can interfere with many of your activities of daily living. The nerves that exit from the neck supply the shoulders and arms, that’s why If the injury was not untreated in time, it can lead to shoulder pain. Cervical spine dysfunction can also lead to headaches, and migraines. These conditions will lead to poor sleep quality which has been linked chronic pain, stress, and general fatigue. Therefore, neck pain is ranked the 4th reason for disability in the world. A chiropractor is able to assess the neck in order to diagnose the cause of your pain. Once the diagnosis is reached, a care plan can be tailored to correct the issue and get you your life back on track.


The majority of Australians have all experience headaches at some point. headaches can frustrating and can result in you putting your day on hold. Chiropractic care can help with headaches, but it all starts with finding out what the cause of the headache is. The first thing to do is to rule out any red flags that may indicate a serious pathology “Concussion, intracranial bleeding or a tumour”. If a serious pathology is suspected, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist. Headaches can be caused by a cervical spine dysfunction, upper back muscular imbalances, jaw dysfunction or other reasons. Once the cause of the headaches and the trigger of the headaches are identified, a tailored treatment and management plan will be designed to help you get your life back.

Senior Physiotherapy
Chronic Pain

An injury is classified as chronic when it takes 12 weeks or longer to heal. The recent scientific literature has shown us that chronic pain occurs due to changes in the brain “Neuroplasticity”. The brain gets re wire and becomes comfortable with the pain, this means that you will keep experiencing the pain even after the injured tissue has completely healed. chronic pain is strongly associated with mental health issues and poor sleep. With chiropractic care, the changes in the brain can be reversed with the right tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Routine Pregnancy Checkup

The body releases hormones to relax the ligaments during pregnancy to make the birth giving process easy.This means that it is easy for joints in the body to get misaligned which can lead to pains and aches. The majority of women experience pain during pregnancy. Your chiropractor can help using safe and effective methods from pre conception through the post natal period.

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