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Conveniently Located in Ryde, NSW

We offer Wellness Chiropractic care for the entire family providing treatment to paediatric, adolescence, adult and elderly patients. Including advanced techniques for pregnancy care, sports injuries and post-surgical rehabilitation.


We accept Medicare plans, DVA, private health funds, NDIS, Workcover and best of all private patients DO NOT need a referral. We offer tailored postural correction programs designed to address the cause of your problems, not merely the symptoms. Our holistic approach is achieved through a range of different techniques including hands on manual and gentle techniques such as SOT and cranials, instrument assisted activator and drop piece methods, massage therapies, and rehabilitative exercises including Dynamic Neurostabilisation Technique (DNS).

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Correct spinal alignment not only helps you feel great, it takes stress off your nervous system, allowing your brain to better control your body.

Here at Supercharged Chiropractic 

We aim to get you up and moving back to what you used to love whether that be a sport or sitting at home with your family. We have a wide range of techniques which we use to get those limbs moving. We focus on your health and wellbeing, from sports injuries, everyday pains and even work related injuries. Providing exercise and rehabilitation to all of our patients.

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