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Let’s talk about Headaches 

Do you experience?

– Radiating pain from your neck into your head?

– Tension around the base of your skull or in your shoulder and neck?

– Tenderness around your scalp?

– Pain affected by light and sound?

In today’s society stress and a busy lifestyle is very common. We are commonly seeing how these daily stresses are affecting the how our body functions, and as a result, we see symptoms including headaches and tension.

There are many different types of headaches, from ones that are driven by spinal dysfunction in the neck to migraines. Regardless of the root cause of a headache, they are all made worse or primarily driven by physical, chemical and emotional stressors. At Supercharged Chiropractic our chiropractors will find the cause of your headache and appoint an adequate management plan to get you enjoying life again!

Headaches need to be properly diagnosed and the root cause determined. Poor posture, being one of the most common causes of headaches, can lead to varying degrees of headaches and poor sleep. When taking a holistic view with our patients we can often find multiple contributors to headaches. 

Common Contributors: 

– Stress (physical, chemical and emotional)

– TMJ dysfunction

– Hormonal imbalances

– Dehydration

– Fatigue

Your management plan will involve correcting spinal dysfunction, posture and any lifestyle factors.

We use many different approaches to suit each individual. Many patients are concerned about neck “cracking” as a treatment method used by chiropractors. Whilst being very effective, this treatment method is not always indicated for all patients and therefore, our Chiropractors use a variety of techniques including low force to get the most effective results.

We often find the sensitivity of the fight or flight part of the nervous system or the sympathetic nervous system (which is primarily driven by stress) will increase in patients with headaches. Analysing and understanding any neurological windup the brain can be a game changer in management of chronic headaches.

At Supercharged Chiropractic we are here to find the cause, not just correct the symptom and prevent headaches becoming a normal part of daily life again.

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