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Shoulder Treatment

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Do  you experience any of the following:

– Pain that persists more than a few days?

– Tightness in the shoulder or shoulder blade?

– Limited range of the shoulder?

– Inability to carry an object?

– Swelling or bruising of the shoulder?

The shoulder joint is very complex and can require a detailed analysis and examination.

Common causes of shoulder pain include:

– Poor posture and ergonomics

– Bursitis

– Poor spinal function

– Poor shoulder range of motion

– Rotator cuff tears or overuse injuries

– Poor muscle and spinal stability

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints in the body and therefore can be very susceptible to injury when it is not looked after properly. It is involved in almost every movement of daily life, which means when the shoulder does not function properly, we find it majorly impacts on many movements such as lifting, carrying, sleeping and general movement.

Often our spine and nervous system can contribute to how our shoulder functions and how we perceive pain. Posture and radiating pain signals from the neck and middle back can often contribute to how a shoulder moves in gravity and create compensations that cause long term changes.

Here at Supercharged Chiropractic, we look after patients with shoulder pain of all ages. We aim to find the root cause of your shoulder pain and form a rehabilitation plan to get you the best results. Our goal is to get your body stronger and create long lasting changes that prevent your shoulder pain from returning.

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