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Stressed Man



Do you experience?

– Poor sleep, including light sleeping and vivid dreaming?

– Fatigue that is not relieved by sleep?

– Feelings of anxiety, even when life seems relaxed?

Patients often wonder how chiropractic can help stress management. The most simplest way to understand how chiropractic can affect stress is to have a brief understanding of how our nervous system operates.

In states of threat and stress our nervous system will activate our fight or flight part of our nervous system called our sympathetic system. This system keeps us safe  and will put us into states of heightened alert.

When we are in this state of heightened alert or Sympathetic Dominance, we can see physiological changes in our body and how it functions.

Symptoms of Sympathetic Dominican include:

– Poor posture

– Tight shoulders

– Headaches

– Neck pain

– Shoulder pain

– Light sensitivity

– Sensitivity to loud noises

– Digestive Upsets

– Light sleeping

– Vivid dreaming

– Hormonal Imbalances

– Fatigue not relieved by rest

– Nervousness and anxiety

When our brain is stuck in this state of fight or flight, every cell in our body perceives it is being attached. This can create feelings of stress and anxiety.

At Supercharged Chiropractic, we aim to identify symptoms of Sympathetic Dominance and reduce the neurological stress on your body. There are many causes of Sympathetic windup including, physical, chemical and emotional stressors. A holistic approach (using primarily SD Protocol) is the best way to reduce this imbalance, with appropriate spinal function and oxygenation being a very important contributor. Chiropractic helps calm the sympathetic nervous system and allows the rest and digest part of our nervous system to function better and optimise healing.

Stress and Health:

Stress is a major cause of chronic health conditions in our society today. Don’t let it impact your enjoyment of life with those you love and let us help you manage your stressors today.

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