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Neck Pain

Do you experience:

– Tight neck and shoulders?

– Headaches?

– Difficulties moving your head and neck without discomfort?

– Stiffness in your neck after sleep?

– Radiating pain into hands and fingers?

Neck pain is very common and most of the Australian population will experience neck pain at some point in their lifetime.

Neck pain can severely affect an individuals quality of life and can impact day to day activities. Activities such as caring for children, work requirements and general enjoyment can become extremely difficult. 

Often neck dysfunction can result in further symptoms such as postural headaches and tight shoulders as the body compensates over time.

Most of the time, there is not a pathological reason for neck pain and can often be improved by improving mechanical function and posture.  


How Chiropractic Helps:

After our chiropractors here in the Ryde area take you through a thorough history and examination, a root cause for your neck pain will be identified. Often neck pain is a symptom of an underlying stressor on your spine such as posture.

Poor spinal alignment will often cause unnecessary stress on disc, joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck. These changes will result in the muscles reacting different in gravity as the neck tries to support the head. At the point of fatigue, some people will feel radiations into the head, which can feel like a headache.

At Supercharged Chiropractic we assess, correct and manage the cause of your neck pain with a holistic approach. We use many different approaches to suit each individual. Many patients are concerned about neck “cracking” as a treatment method used by chiropractors. Whilst being very effective, this treatment method is not always indicated for all patients. Our Chiropractors use a variety of techniques including low force to get the most effective results.

We also work with you to help alter any stressors in your lifestyle contributing to your neck pain such as lifestyle, ergonomics, and other physical, chemical and emotional stressors.

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