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Child Physiotherapy

Sports Injury


Do you experience?

– Tight muscles consistently?

– Limited range of motion when playing sport?

– A significant difference in right and left sided strength and ability?

– Extended recovery times?

Sports injuries are a major limiting factor for every individual engaging in a physical activity, and are not just reserved for athletes. They should not be ignored nor should we wait for them to happen.

Our musculoskeletal system is primarily driven by our nervous system and how it is reacting in gravity. When our body does not function in a balanced way, we can start to create altered patterns of movement to compensate for these changes. These compensations put stressors on muscles and joints that they are not designed for, and can make them weaker and more susceptible to injuries.

Types of injuries due to these imbalances can include:

– Ankle sprains

– Knee sprains

– Hip injuries

– Hamstrings strains

– Shoulder strains

– Overuse injuries to name a few.

We do not wait for our car to break down before taking it in for a regular service. We should have the same mentality with our bodies, especially when engaging in regular physical activity. Prevention of an injury is much better than a cure.

How Chiropractic Helps:

Our chiropractors at Supercharged Chiropractic will take you through a thorough examination and determine any functional imbalance in your muscle, skeletal and nervous system. The spine acts as a master stabiliser for the rest of the body and when it does not work well our nerves cannot provide adequate message to our stabilisers. This can create a weakness and leave us open to injury. Spinal adjustments can help correct these imbalances and increase performance.

Increased performance, strength and a fast recovery is our goal for our everyday athletes.

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